Laura Abril

Thank you, Laura, to have given me the opportunity to write this short prologue on who you are and what you are trying to do in the world of music. As you perfectly know, I am an absolute fan of yours and I always identified myself with your musical pieces. When I listen to them, something takes me beyond them, my mind opens up and your music takes me to unimagined places. 

Laura Abril was born in 1981 in Barcelona.

At a very young age, her passion for music developed and she started studying piano.  



She made her first concerts soon with mainly a classical repertoire (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, etc.)

Her abilities progressed and, when she was 20 years old, she composed  “pianísmos” her first album, where you can find her first compositions under the artistic name of Llura Abril; Alter ego that is characterized by its classic-contemporary compositions.



In the meantime, this artists started to get interested in electronics and in its wide range of possibilities, and she chose another artistic name Kronik Darling, She stood out for her creativity in Techno and Minimal Techno, music (some songs such as Alone, Too Much, BiologiK, Laura, etc. emerge from here) and especially for her live concerts, such as Live’s Set’s and Dj’s Set’swhich have been held in many national and international stages and events.

Such a musical spectrum always becomes a very dynamic and personal mixing and composing activity, thus making her live concerts a very special experience.





Thank you very much, Laura

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