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‘Alone’, from Laura Abril, artistic name Kronik Darling – a clip with soul, with Athenea Harrington, and also Dudu Arnalot from ‘Alegría’ (Cirque du Soleil); from the Perla28 group.

Some time ago, Laura Abril, artistic name Kronik Darling, visited Perla28 and asked us for a clip for her new song ‘Alone’. She gave us complete freedom to create an audio-visual piece.

Before thinking about and creating a video, it’s important to think about the most important elements that will turn our work into a successful project. Part of the producers’ job, i.e. our job, is to choose the team that is going to do it. So, we contracted Athenea Harrington, because we knew that she would make a very aesthetic project. And, of course, she did.

The first step consisted of interviewing the musician in order to know what she meant when she created this piece, where she created it from and to try to transfer it into images what she conveys with her music.

In a very interesting brainstorming, a lot of ideas were exchanged between two universes and two languages that should converge – music and image.

After selecting the starting point, and with a lot of words, concepts, colours and phrases, with apparently no sense, on the table, the director and a Perla28 creative team sat down to create the seeds which the creative proposal would be based on.

Then Athenea made a visual proposal, and we contracted Oriol Bosch as the photography director to implement it, as well as Oriol Murcia to provide it with the appropriate rhythm and look in the editing room. This combination worked out well; in fact, we thing that it worked out very well.

 ‘Alone’ was filmed with a small group, which gave this project a perfect balance. We needed to have some mobility to provide stages with some differences. It was a priority to get to places and find empty stages. This was absolutely necessary in order to be able to properly communicate the player’s loneliness.

Dudu Arnalot, one of the ‘Cirque du Soleil’ clowns, played the role of our main character, a character who ran away from himself, who ran away forward. Dudu had the face we needed to give this sensation, and he perfectly understood both concept and character.

The editing style chosen by Athenea and Oriol supports the whole piece, and it gives it and enigmatic sensation. It also perfectly links with the Minimal Techno proposed by Kronik Darling in ‘ALONE’.

When the clip was finished, there was the possibility to create a soundtrack that linked the song to the video, to give it some connection points to mix both disciplines – music and image. Laura Abril was responsible for designing the sound of her own clip, the character’s screams, the sound of the sea, of the barking dog, etc… After seeing the results, we realize that it was a great idea.

The clip is a tool to promote a music band, a disc and/or a song. As professionals and creative, we are responsible for turning it into something else, into a unique experience for the senses. Although we won’t always be able to achieve it, we will always try to do it.

Director: Athenea Harrington
Produced by: Rober Ors Griera for Perla28 & Laura Abril, artistic name Kronik Darling
Production Manager: Oriol Bosch Vázquez
Camera: Raúl Muñoz
Mounting & Colour: Oriol Murcia
Sound Design: Laura Abril
Masks: Janina Riera & Estel Albuixech