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Palauet d’Orsà, a special place where you can dream

Today, I realize how powerful internet can be. This media has the ability to link people from different places or to discover new things. And… why do I say this? It’s very easy. Because, some days ago, not an email, but a big treasure that Inventia didn’t know about reached La Caja de Inventia.

The Palauet d’Orsà, a place considered as an historical and artistic heritage in Barcelona, located in Vallvidrera. You will probably think that Inventia is stupid because she doesn’t know about this place but, because she doesn’t have much spare time, she hasn’t been able to visit Barcelona properly. This is why she thought she was an ignorant when she saw such a nice and emblematic place.

This monument, which looks like a dreamy world, has hosted the ‘Orsà Eternity’ clip, produced by Perla28 together with Golden Studio BCN and the wonderful music of the composer Laura Abril, under the Kronik Darling stage name. The aim of this clip is to promote this place and to wake up the user’s curiosity so that he/she visits it. In this case, the Palauet (Little Palace) has hosted the fiction story of two characters moving around this palace in a mysterious way. This is sort of a dreamlike film about a boy and a girl, in which the little features of the Palauet are highly important. Besides this, the soundtrack is very stimulating and provides the environment required for this story.

We think that this is a nice and creative clip. Usually, for tourism and heritage, clips about monuments have a very institutional and informative side, where stories are told with no emotion whatsoever and everything is based on sense. Instead, this is a creative piece because it tells us about a very emotional story, where characters aren’t the two young people, but all spaces in the Palauet, i.e. lights, decorations, views… These features don’t only show just one monument, but a place for dreaming, where visitors can go through very special experiences. Besides this, the aura of mystery in this story makes us want to know what else might happen in the Palauet.

Apart from this, we retain a sentence from the Perla28 team about this clip: ‘We believe that the union of head and heart has a big potential. And, if we weave it in a creative way, results can be very good’.